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How it works
Photographer's client installs Shutter App
The client or model installs Shutter app onto a smartphone which will be used for their virtual photo shoot.
Photographer opens Shutter App Portal
The photographer enters Shutter App Portal: from a computer using either Facebook or Google credentials.
Client shares ID and photographer starts the virtual photo shoot
The client shares a secure generated ID from Shutter app with the Photographer. Photographer enters the client's ID into Shutter App Portal and the virtual photo shoot begins.
Photographer shares images with the client
After the virtual photo shoot the photographer downloads their high-resolution images from Shutter App Portal. Images can be retouched and sent back to the client through Shutter App Portal.

Photo Shoots

How Virtual Photo Shoots can grow your business

Shutter App allows you to create quick, easy and hassle-free professional virtual photo shoots for your customers and corporate clients from anywhere in the world.
Photographer's Clients
Clients do not need to travel to a studio and can work with any photographer across the globe they admire or they follow. Virtual photo shoots are often relatively cheaper than their in-studio alternative.
The service allows photographers to build a global portfolio, attracting new clients worldwide and increasing their income and profit margins.

Why us?

Shutter App team created a digital platform that combines expertise in design, photography & video, modern technologies allowing to produce content — simpler, more convenient, and in a sustainable manner. We help creative people, agencies, and brands meet to create the best creative content.


Best price expertise, depending on the demand
Required expertise in one place and in one service
Being compliant with cultural, economic, diversity aspects of required professionals


Anne Thomas
Virtual photography is here to stay

Shutterapp has, quite literally, changed the flow of my business. I'm a brand photographer and started playing with virtual shoots during the first lockdown. They were great, but it was something that I thought I'd probably discontinue once out of lockdown.

And then the enquiries started coming in, so I continued - and they've now become one of my signature offers. Shutterapp has helped hugely with this.
Akshay Singh Jamwal
Remote photography sessions mean that the whole world's your playground!

I've now done a couple of shoots with this app and while I was actually skeptical at first, it's proving to be a great way of photographing people in different cities or countries.
The app makers have put a lot of thought into making shoots easy for both the photographer and the model (or business): there is two-way audio and video communication and taking photos is fairly easy.
Apoorva Prasad
Shutter app is one of the finest apps…

Shutter app is one of the finest apps for Virtual photography.

I've shot more than 10 projects using shutter app and it's absolutely amazing, the quality is so freaking good.

And it's very user friendly. Glad this app is a savior for virtual shoots

Jānis Baiža
Wonderfull app for remote photo sessions

I wish I knew about the app when I started to perform remote photo sessions.

The app gives you almost all you would expect from this kind of app - easy use from the model's side and great flexibility for the photographer.
Option to provide results directly in the app also is quite handy.

Everyone is talking about ShutterApp

Press mentions
Jeff Brown
"Shutter App is an asset to any photographers business model, allowing geographical boundaries to be broken and the whole world to become your potential client base. Working as a Photography Mentor helping photographers in over 20 countries worldwide maximise their business brand I strongly believe that virtual photography will change the way we do business in our industry and bring endless opportunities to those photographers who embrace it."
The Photographers Mentor
Candid Memoir
MeDisProject Photography
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