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A Virtual Photoshoot is the quick and easy way to have your pictures created by a professional photographer on your phone camera remotely, via our fantastic Shutter Studio App.
You no longer need a photographer to be on location with you. They'll be on the other side of the call, directing you, posing you and taking your photographs, just like they would in person. It's like an advanced video call that allows you to take amazing Hi-Resolution pictures.

Just grab your phone, connect with your photographer and let the fun begin. It's a creative process, you can see and talk to one another as your photographer guides you step by step through your awesome Virtual Photoshoot.
Often people can't believe that their phone camera will be good enough to take magazine style photographs, but when you are working with a real creative professional, you'll be amazed by the results. Your phone camera is just a tool, but in the hands of a talented photographer it's all they need to take a great collection of images for you.

Shutter Studio allows you to have a professional Virtual Photoshoot with high quality pictures. No more screenshots via FaceTime, its Hi-Res photos only with Shutter Studio! All you need is your phone and our app to connect with a photographer anywhere in the world.

No special equipment is needed. You don't even need a tripod! You can get creative with what you have around you. Prop up your phone on a pile of books or ask a friend to join in and hold the phone for you.

The most amazing thing about a virtual photoshoot experience is that you are no longer limited by location. You have the freedom to work with anyone no matter where they are. The whole world is open to you, you can collaborate with your favourite photographers on social media from around the globe, the possibilities are endless.

Virtual Photoshoot is perfect for personal projects, family shoots, pet portraits and model portfolios. It's also a very cost effective way to refresh your content for social media, your business headshots, company website images, online branding and many other occasions too. If you can imagine it then your virtual photographer can create it with Shutter Studio.

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2. Share the ID number with your photographer
3. Have fun!

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5 virtual photographers to follow
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