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Professional virtual photoshoot
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Shutter Studio App is a free to use app to work with any photographer across the globe you like.

Professional photo shoot through your phone!
Virtual photo by Frank Lenz
All you need is your phone (iOS or android),
the app and a photographer you'd like to work with!
It is like a video call during which your photographer can take HIGH-QUALITY pictures through your phone
Share your ID number from the app with your photographer.

Congratulations! You are all set up to have a shoot!
Yes, it's that easy :)
Just find a photographer you like
The most amazing thing is that the distance isn't a thing anymore! Ask the photographer you know or explore the internet, find a photographer you like a lot and connect through the app for a virtual shoot!

Or, check out our instagram. We publish virtual photos by different photographers from all over the world!

All in one app
Receive the final images from your photographer through the app!
Some photographers can use cloud services to share pictures but now they have one more option which we find very comfortable.

Isn't is great to have all your shoots in one place?
Shutter Studio app was created by a professional photographer
to conduct photo shoots with their clients remotely. The first virtual shoot was conducted in Germany from Russia.

Today anyone can use it to create great pictures!
Over 4,5 millions photos were taken this year by thousands of photographers for thousands of people.

Your story matters and we hope that virtual photography with Shutter Studio will help you to get the attention you deserve.
5 virtual photographers to follow
We believe that by following these amazing professionals it will bring you lots of ideas and inspiration for your next virtual photo shoot.
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